WeChat: a silent accomplice in the power struggle among political activists


Power struggles intensify as the number of Chinese Canadians pursue a political career rapidly grows.  A campaign of character assassination – employing tactics of mudslinging and dirty dishing has erupted on WeChat groups, turning the social media into a hotbed for outlandish conspiracies and a battleground to tear down the rivals.

如此战役在多个保守党支持者的微信群中大张旗鼓地展开。一些挂着匿名马甲成员发表攻击性文章和网贴,将矛头直指社区内知名政治活动者。 这些网贴历数其以往不良行为和“罪状”,试图将其丑恶真相展现在众人面前。但这些未经证实的指控吸引了大量微信读者,跟帖蜂拥而至。顷刻,微信群被划分为支持,反对者两大阵营。群内两派之间的这种相互指责,谩骂凸显华社好斗本色,在某种程度上颇具文革色彩。

A WeChat group of Conservative supporters have become such a battlefield. An anonymous member published an attack article, putting a Chinese Canadian political activist in crosshairs. A list of her alleged indecent actions over the past– mostly without evidence to support – has caught the eyeballs of viewers. A flood of comments followed, dividing the group into the supporting and opposing camps and underscoring a fractious Chinese Canadian community. The ensuing bickering and fighting between the rival camps resembles, to some extent, the brutal struggles during the Cultural Revolution.


In a community carrying so much baggage of Cultural Revolution, smear campaigns are not rare.  Many are resorting to assault, harassment and humiliation to attack rivals and to gain dominance on leadership. WeChat, which provides relative intimacy and a low-bar of entry for like-minded Mandarin speakers, has become their perfect echo chamber for conspiracy and vitriol, the front and center for spreading hatred and resentment, and a natural home to download their negative cultural legacy.

具有Facebook ,Twitter以及即时通讯平台特征的微信,为大陆移民们提供了建立,发展关系网络,以及与国内亲朋保持联系的机会。在这一属于他们自己的社交媒体中,很多成员对充满猜忌,毫无证据的阴谋论网贴乐此不疲,对虚假信息偏听偏信。这些仇恨煽情的网贴很快风靡微信群,成为那些曾生活在几十年信息闭塞环境中的网民津津乐道的话题。

WeChat’s unique status as part of Facebook, part Twitter, and part instant messenger allows Chinese immigrants to tap into networks old and new and to keep up with friends and family back in China. On this social network of their own, they developed an insatiable appetite for conspiracy and a naïve trust for misinformation. The emotional stirring and anger-fueling posts have quickly turned into sensation on this platform, where most of the users consumed decades of censored-news from the state-controlled media in the home country.


The Chinese government has been closely monitoring the messaging app and shut down any political content sensitive to Beijing. However, its sensor with sophisticated AI system appear to be ignoring—if not encouraging—this poisonous vector, leaving the hostility-inflaming content to flourish and fester. A few years ago, WeChat announced ten rules for banning illegal content – from copyright infringement to porn to scam, but none of them targeted hatred incitement. 


Mobilizing the masses to engage in fierce struggles has long been the tactic used by the Chinese government to strengthen its power and control – particularly during the Cultural Revolution. The Chinese government has never given a historical assessment for this mass movement, leaving its impacts still being felt fifty years later.  The violent crusade has destroyed people’s fundamental trust in society and kindness, inflating people’s anger and fueling their resentment.

这些互相污蔑,诋毁内容主导了微信群,使与用户生活息息相关的新闻报道及来自就业,经济和医疗保健的新闻根本则在群内无栖身之地。这些群内打斗网贴被反复复制和分享,迅速传遍多个微信群体。 “这种趋势令人担忧,”群内一名成员表示。 “连续几天来,它堵塞了微信新闻源,占据了实时新闻和主流信息的全部空间。 ”

As the disparaging content dominate the information feed of WeChat groups, news coverage relevant to users – from jobs, the economy, and healthcare received little attention. The posts on the fierce clashes have been repeatedly copied and shared, quickly spreading throughout WeChat groups. “The trend is worrisome,” said a viewer in the group. “For days on end, the content that polarized the groups have clogged the news feed, leaving no space for authentic news and mainstream information. ”


Undoubtedly, if this trend continues to grow and spread, it will lead the community on a self-destruction path in this democratic society. The social media platform WeChat would be the silent accomplice for this outcome.

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