China asserts influence on Canada through Chinese Canadian politicians

北京政府向加拿大施加的影响力势力空前,其战术更具诱惑力,目标更加复杂,资源也更加强大。根据联邦政府高级官员内部传送的一份秘密报告,北京施加影响力的最为有利的渠道之一就是利用海外侨民。 随着大陆华裔在加拿大政府各级发挥越来越重要的作用,加拿大的政治系统中面临着前所未有的来自中国大陆干预的威胁。

China influence in Canada seems unprecedented, with tactic more seductive, agenda more sophisticated and resources more powerful. The overseas diaspora has become one of Beijing's most potent arsenals to project its influence, according to a secret report circulating among federal government's top bureaucrats. With Chinese Canadians playing an increasingly important role at all level of the Canadian government, Canada's political system faces an alarming threat of Chinese meddling.

2015年,《环球邮报》报道加拿大安全情报局(CSIS)提醒安省内阁部长陈国治可能受到中国政府的影响。陈就此报道向《环邮》提起诽谤诉讼。但陈国治在离开安省立法机构后,继续积极参与支持中国共产党的活动。 据《国家邮报》报道,陈国治在万锦市举行的支持中国政府的集会上,通过主题演讲敦促香港当局采取强硬手段抵制抗议活动。

In 2015, the Globe reported that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) suggested that cabinet minister Michael Chan might be under Chinese-government influence. Chan filed a libel suit against the Globe over the report. After leaving the Ontario legislature, Chan has continued to engage in activities in support of the communist party of China. National Post revealed that Chan headlined a pro-China rally at Markham, where he urged authorities in Hong Kong to take a firm hand with the protests through a keynote speech.


According to the Globe, Chan made appalling remarks during a recent interview with Chinanews, a state-backed news site. "The violence in the movement in Hong Kong has been severe, and if there were similar unrest in Western countries, police would have 'already fired bullets toward crowds,'" said Chan. His statements quoted in the news site article echoed Beijing's propaganda that blamed "foreign forces" for manipulating the protests and interfering in Hong Kong affairs. He applauded Hong Kong police for showing restraint in the crisis.

柯文彬是另一位据报与中国当局维持亲密关系的华裔政客。 据《国家邮报》报道,柯在当选省议员后与中国领事馆保持着密切联系。他还与包括多伦多的华联会(TCCCO)在内的亲北京团体联系打得火热。柯与中国领事馆官员一同出席在安大略省立法机构举行的升旗活动,而且他是唯一一位参加由华联会组织的,庆祝支持中共的藏族团体成立大会的省议员。 面临这些指控的柯文彬称,他是一位“自豪的华裔加国人士”,“旨在服务于当河谷北区选民,代表他们的强烈心声。”

Vincent Ke is another Canadian politician of Chinese descendant who reportedly has cozy relations with the China regime. According to the National Post, Ke maintained close ties with the Chinese Consulate after being elected as MPP. He has also had a connection with Beijing-leaning groups, including Toronto Confederation of Chinese Canadian Organization (TCCCO). Ke has appeared with consulate officials at the event of raising the Chinese flag at the Ontario legislature. And he was the only MPP to attend the launch party for a new, pro-China Tibetan group, organized by TCCCO. Ke responded to the allegations by saying he is a "proud Chinese Canadian" who "focused on ensuring a strong voice for the constituents of Don Valley North."

当河谷北区的自由党联邦候选人董晗鹏的中国立场也受到了媒体的质疑。 媒体报道称,董与包括陈国治和麦家廉在内的知名亲北京政治人物关系密切。陈国治和麦家廉均为董的竞选站台。董否认任何有关他亲北京立场的指控。

The China stance of Han Dong – the Liberal party nominee for Don Valley North, has also been under media scrutiny. Media reports allege that Dong has close ties with prominent pro-China political figures – including Chan and John McCallum, both of whom endorsed Dong's campaign. Dong rejected any suggestion that he was the pro-Beijing candidate.

《环球邮报》在2017年报道,联邦议员谭耕和参议员胡子修似乎与中国建立了良好关系。报道称,谭拿到了一个由部分国会议员和参议员组成之协会的联合主席一职,该协会成员大都有意与中国政府建立良好关系。 谭耕和参议员胡子修私访中国时其行程都由中国政府赞助,他们与中国的友好关系引起了前加拿大安全情报局局长的关注。

In 2017, the Globe report revealed that MP Geng Tan and Senator Victor Oh appeared to have cultivated ties with China. It also reported that Tan secured a job of co-chair of an association formed by MPs and senators who were interested in building relations with China. Both Tan and Oh were taking private trips to China sponsored by the Chinese government. Their cozy relationships with China raised concerns of a former Canadian Security Intelligence Service director.

中国的干预行径不仅受到媒体监督,还引起学术界的警惕。 Clive Hamilton是一名有关中国对西方影响的开创性学者,著有《中国对澳大利亚社会公开影响》一书。他表示中国对加国干预更甚,让加国处境更忧。

Chinese meddling has not only raised concerns of media but also sets off alarm bells among academics. Clive Hamilton, the author of a ground-breaking book about China's overt influence on Australian society said that Canada is in more trouble under China's influence.


"When I was last in Canada — in Ottawa, a few months ago — I was pretty dismayed at the extent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in the federal Parliament," he said in an interview with National Post. "When I look at the subtle but intense influence of China on Canadian institutions ... it makes me deadly worried."

然而,加拿大政治领导人似乎对中国多年来的干预事实一直视而不见。 特鲁多政府一直致力于与专制中国建立牢固的关系,直到2018年12月,加拿大拘押了华为高管孟晚舟后,中加关系出现严重逆转。韦恩(Kathleen Wynne)等前安大略省政治领导人表现出对中国影响力熟视无睹,认为其部下与中国的亲密关系是无关大局的区区小事。

However, Canadian political leaders appear to be naive about China's meddling efforts that have been years in the making. The Trudeau government had focused on building strong ties with authoritarian China, until the Sino-Canadian relationships took a drastic downturn in Dec 2018, when Canada detained Huawei executive in Vancouver. Former Ontario political leaders such as Kathleen Wynne showed callous disregard for China influence, dismissing the legislators' China connections as irrelevant.


Chinese News emailed the Liberal Party of Canada, seeking its response on what actions the Liberals will take to defend against an increasingly assertive China if it forms the next government. The paper received no response by the press time.

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