加国国外影响法苍白无力 为政府官员接受中国资助大开绿灯(观点)
Opinion: Politicians secretly on China’s payroll highlights inadequacy of Canada foreign influence law

中国向加拿大政坛影响不断增加,加国情报局对加拿大国家安全的担忧也日益加剧。 2010 年以来,加拿大间谍机构多次就中国干涉加拿大政治的行为发出警告,要求警惕中国对加拿大民主进程的影响。但情报局的警告被置若罔闻。加拿大政治领导人似乎满足于袖手旁观,眼睁睁地看着中国政府采取更加激进手段在加拿大各级政府中招募越来越多的民选加拿大官员为其效力。《环球新闻》就加国情报局发布简报的报道再度展现了中国对加国政坛的干预现实。据报道称,多伦多华人领事馆通过一名安省议员向一个涉嫌11名参加2019年大选的候选人秘密网络提供了大笔资金,以更惊人的手段干涉加国大选。


CSIS concerns about Canada's national security have grown as China escalated its political interference in the Canadian government. Since 2010, Canada's spy agency has repeatedly warned about China's actions in meddling with Canadian politics, raising red flags about the impact of China's interference operations on our democracy. But the warnings fell on deaf ears. The Canadian political leaders seemed content to sit on its hand as China's influence operations turned more aggressive, recruiting a growing number of elected officials at all levels of the Canadian government. The CSIS intelligence briefings reported by the Global News article have pushed the reality of China's interference to a more alarming level. The Chinese Toronto consulate allegedly directed a large fund transfer through an Ontario MPP to a clandestine network that involved 11 candidates running for the 2019 election. 

这可不是情报局第一次指控安省议员遭到中国干预行动的影响。《环球邮报》2015 年报道称,情报局曾于 2010 年正式警告安省自由党政府,中国政府的干预行动涉嫌一名内阁部长。这名前内阁部长强烈否认这些指控,并以诽谤罪对《环球邮报》提起诉讼。两名前省长均驳回了 CSIS 的指控并为他辩护。麦坚迪对间谍机构的安全和情报警告置若罔闻,而他的后任韦恩则认为间谍机构的信息“毫无根据”。

It was not the first time CSIS alleged that elected officials in the Ontario government were involved in China's influence campaign. The Globe and Mail reported in 2015 that CSIS had officially warned Ontario's Liberal government in 2010 that a former cabinet minister was susceptible to influence by the Chinese government. The provincial minister vehemently denied the allegations and filed a lawsuit against the Globe for defamation while being defended by his bosses. Dalton McGuinty rejected the security and intelligence warnings by the spy agency, and his successor Katherine Wynne deemed the spy agency's concerns as "baseless".


随着中国加紧施加对加国国会议员的影响,情报局的工作更集中在中国对联邦大选的干预上。《环球邮报》在 2022 年初的一篇报道中说,该间谍机构向议员们提供简报,提醒各主要政党的国会议员和参议员对中国的干预行动的认识,干预行动使用包括从勒索到贿赂等一系列秘密或欺骗性手段。


CSIS's efforts focused more on China's interference in federal elections as China ramped up its activities targeting parliament officials. The Globe reported in early 2022 that the spy agency briefed parliamentarians, raising awareness among MPs and senators from all major parties about China's influence operations through clandestine or deceptive strategies, from blackmail to bribes. 


尽管一再发出警告,加国间谍机构还是发现更多的加拿大政客屈服于中国的影响力行动。加拿大安全情报局 (CSIS) 亚太区前负责人米歇尔·朱诺-克苏亚 (Michel Juneau-Katsuya) 向众议院道德委员会表示,许多加拿大政客都在秘密为中国效力。“加国的市,省和联邦各级政府都有民选官员接受国外支付的资金,且其行为不代表加拿大的利益。”

 Despite repeated warnings and alerts, the spy agency discovered that more Canadian politicians succumbed to China's influence operations. Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former chief of the Asia-Pacific desk at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), told the Commons ethics committee that numerous Canadian politicians were secretly on China‘s payroll. "There are elected officials at all levels, whether it's municipal, provincial or federal, who are being paid by foreign governments and who are not necessarily acting in the interests of Canada."



The US has stringent laws banning foreign governments from contributing money directly to US election campaigns. Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, it is illegal for a foreign government to contribute to a candidate's campaign in any American election. Moreover, US officials violating the law may face civil fines or criminal prosecution.


然而,加拿大的政府官员却可自由自在地接受外国资金并代表外国政府工作。名誉扫地的前驻中国大使麦家廉(John McCallum) 曾向媒体公开承认,他为使自由党当选而一直在邀请中国官员对 2019 年联邦大选施加影响。麦家廉被免职,但却没有违反任何法律,充分显示出加拿大外国影响法律的缺陷和不足。

However, Canada handles government officials free rein to accept secret foreign funding and work on behalf of a foreign government. John McCallum, the disgraced ambassador to China had openly admitted to the media that he'd been inviting Chinese officials to influence the outcome of the 2019 federal election to the Liberals' advantage. McCallum was removed from his post but against no law, which spoke volumes to the inadequacy of Canada' foreign influence laws.

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