夏日垂钓 我之所好 (II)
Fishing: my favourite summer activities (II)

加拿大清澈的河流湖泊和丰富的鱼类使得许多华裔人士钟情于垂钓活动。Bob Mok指引的精彩垂钓之旅不仅可以让你尽享垂钓之乐,还可以让你品尝到各种美味鱼肴。

Canada’s pristine water and abundant fish has made fishing a favourable sport for many Chinese Canadians. Bob Mok guides you on exciting fishing trips that not only offer pleasant experience but also fresh tasty fish for you to enjoy.



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I like to remind everyone that this coming week is a Canadian Resident fishing license-free period in Ontario. It is commencing on July 4-12, 2015 (12:01 a.m. Saturday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday).



Let us get to know about the different modes of fishing and their rules:



1) Chartered Boat Fishing –


This is the employment of a guide and his/her boat on a chartered trip to one of the Great Lakes. A most relaxing way to fish as everything is taken care of by the guides. There is no concern for fishing gears, licenses, baits or lures.


A typical trip will cost $350-550 for half a day. The guides are experienced and they have the most up-to-date information on schools of Salmon, trout, and pickerel. Get 4-5 friends together and draw lots on the order of fishing. 5-6 fishing rods and lines are “trolled” behind the boat with the sonar monitoring the school of fish beneath.


An artificial lure is trolled in front of the fishes in the right depth and before long a fish is hooked. The scheduled angler picks up the rod and fights the hooked fish by reeling in the line and keeping the rod tip up. Before long, a fish weighing from 9 to 45 lbs will be landed using a net. Pictures are taken and fish are taken home or released.


Creel limits are as stipulated by rules and regulations published by the Ministry of Natural Resources for one of applicable 20 zones each year. Most salmon and trout from the great Lakes are too polluted to eat in large quantities. Pickerels are more acceptable for consumption in reasonable portions. Follow the “Eating Ontario Fish” guide also published by the Ministry.



This kind of fishing is great for picture taking for memory retention as the fish caught are fairly large. However, be prepared for very rough rides as the waves are huge when the wind picks up in the Great Lakes at a moment’s notice. In this fishing mode, the angler does not get to find and check out the lures needed and exercise the enticement techniques. This is simply a result oriented exercise. This is an activity that one should take a visiting friend from overseas to experience after enjoying it once or twice themselves.



2) Pond Fishing –


This can be commercial pond fishing or private pond fishing. Commercial pond fishing involves mostly trout farms where fishes are also raised for sale. A flat fee of a few dollars is charged for entry into the fish farm. You can bring your own fishing gear or rent theirs for a small fee. Typically, any fish caught below around 12 inches are “free” (but none of that size can be caught). Anything over that size is charged by the inch.


I recall taking my kids there when they were 3 and 4 years old and I ended up putting worms on their hooks all day and then got home with my “purchased” fishes at a price one would pay at the supermarket!


If you are lucky to have friends who have farm ponds in rural areas and get invited to fish there, you will get to catch Large- mouth Bass as well as trout.


In pond fishing on private land, the fishing rules and regulations do not apply. Every day of the year is open season for this kind of fishing. Take as many fishes home as long as your host will allow or your wallet can afford. There are also private fishing clubs that works like a golf club and they have limits for members and club regulations.


Next time, we will talk about the Shore fishing and Boat fishing and different fish species we are most likely to catch and eat in Ontario for every month of the year.

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